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Samo Vidic

Born and raised in Bled, Slovenia, sports photographer Samo Vidic started as an amateur photographer at the age of 17. Fascinated by what could be done with different cameras, lenses and film, he was gaining knowledge really fast and soon realized that this could be his dream job someday. At the age of 23 he started working as a professional photographer.

Vladimir Rys

Vladimir started taking pictures at the early age of fifteen. Being born and raised in Prague formed his vision and his now recognizable style. His many evenings spent in the dark room made him fall in love with the classic process and classic photography, which has influenced his work from the very start.

Marcel Laemmerhirt

About 12 years ago Marcel started photography as his hobby and shot snowboard pictures of his friends in the austrian alps. Marcel advanced the idea to make his hobby of photography to a serious job.He rented an old traditional house at the epicenter of snow at Arlberg and invided proffessional riders from all around the clobe. Many shots got published in magazines all around the world so it was just a question of time that companies from ski and snowboard bussiness knocked on Marcels door to work with him.

Bor Dobrin

Being precise when his love for photography turned pro is hard to tell, but he was always fascinated by transforming an ongoing 4 dimensional real world into fixed, flat, 2 dimensions of a printed photograph, weather catching a decisive moment in sports or an expression in a person that brings out his or hers personality best.

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