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Marcel Laemmerhirt

About 12 years ago Marcel started photography as his hobby and shot snowboard pictures of his friends in the Austrian alps.

Marcel advanced the idea to make his hobby of photography to a serious job.He rented an old traditional house at the epicenter of snow at Arlberg and invited proffessional riders from all around the globe. Many shots got published in magazines all around the world so it was just a question of time that companies from ski and snowboard business knocked on Marcels door to work with him.

Redbull was one of them and since 2007 he works deeply with them. Since 2010 Marcel has been a Member of SanDisk Extreme Team and from 2013 a Member of F Stop Gear Pro Team.

Marcel's main work is generally divided in 3 categories:
  • event photography (for example events of Red Bull, Burton European Open)
  • Catalogue, lifestyle (Blue Tomato, Ramp Magazine)
  • action sport photography ( Red Bull, SanDisk, Nikon)

He is winner of RedBull Illume 2012 for category „wings“

Here is the latest Profoto B4 campaign:

SanDisk making of video:

Marcel's last project: projects/two-different-worlds/

Photo Workshop 2015

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